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Learn Thai Language in Singapore

Discover the richness of the Thai language in Singapore through dynamic classes that cater to all proficiency levels. Learn Thai online, in private or in-person group classes, engaging with a native Thai teacher who guides you through essential language skills as you learn the Thai alphabet and Thai writing system and have a daily conversation. Whether in group or private settings, these courses immerse you in real-life situations, building a good foundation for understanding Thai culture. Utilise SkillsFuture credits to make your learning experience even more accessible and rewarding.

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Why Choose Thai Explorer To Learn Thai

Whether you’re a curious traveller, a businessperson eyeing opportunities in Southeast Asia, or someone simply passionate about learning Thai languages, Thai Explorer is your gateway to learning the Thai language right here in Singapore! We provide an immersive learning experience that goes beyond the traditional classroom setup.

Professional Native Speaker

Our team of Thai teachers is comprised of highly qualified individuals, most of whom hold Bachelor's or Master's degrees.

Year of Experience

With teaching inception in 2015, Thai Explorer bridges the linguistic gap between you and Thai-speaking countries through its comprehensive Thai language courses in Singapore. Our years of experience ensure effective learning, covering conversational Thai, cultural insights, and practical language skills.

Award Winning

2021 / 2022 ~ Top Business Service & Quality Award
2019 / 2020 ~ Business Trust Award

Benefits of Learning Thai In Singapore

There are a lot of benefits if you learn Thai Singapore and attend a Thai class. Here are some advantages of learning Thai language courses:

  • Business Opportunities: Gain a competitive edge and expand global marketability.
  • Cultural Appreciation: Develop a deeper understanding of Thai customs, enriching experience as you connect and have daily conversations.
  • Professional Advancement: Acquire language skills that enhance career prospects in diverse fields.
  • Enriched Travel Experiences: Navigate Thailand confidently, immersing your learning journey in local Thailand culture.
  • Cognitive Benefits: Boost cognitive abilities through the challenges of learning a new language.
  • Personal Growth: Expand your knowledge, enriching your life with an appreciation for diversity.
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Explore Our Thai Courses

Discover the depth of the Thai language through our diverse courses suitable for all proficiency levels. Guided by native Thai teachers, our classes provide an interactive learning experience, encompassing essential language skills, cultural insights, and practical conversation. Whether you opt for group or private classes, in-person or online Thai classes, our courses offer flexibility to match your preferred Thai classes.

The Thai Private Course offers personalised and intensive language learning tailored to your needs. Whether a beginner or advanced learner, this course deepens your understanding of Thai language and culture.

The Thai Skillsfuture Course empowers learners with practical Thai language skills. It accommodates various learning styles compatible with Singapore’s SkillsFuture Credit scheme, using SkillsFuture credits.

The Thai Online Course offers flexible and convenient learning for those mastering the Thai language. The immersive course uses innovative e-learning techniques with interactive modules, video lessons, and real-time assessments.

Thai Explorer Testimonials


Hear What Our Students Say on Our Thai Lessons

I have been a student of Thai Explorer for over three months now and I am absolutely thrilled with the progress I have made. The lessons are always interesting, engaging, and tailored to my individual needs. My teacher is knowledgeable, patient and highly experienced in teaching the language. I feel very supported by her throughout the journey of learning Thai. Thanks to Thai Explorer, I now confidently communicate in Thai and am able to hold conversations with native speakers. Highly recommend!


I have been studying Thai language for over a year, but I hit a wall in my progress until I found Thai Explorer. Their teaching method is very different from other traditional ones - they gave me the confidence to make mistakes and continually learn from them. With the help of my teacher, I have made tremendous progress in a short period of time. With their friendly support system, I look forward to learning more Thai with them!


As someone who had never learnt any language before, I was very tense about starting out on my journey towards learning Thai. But, thank goodness for Thai Explorer! Their instructors made it so easy and interesting to learn the language without feeling overwhelmed with the amount of material. I am now able to read simple sentences in Thai and communicate effectively with native speakers. Highly recommended!


Learning a new language can be a daunting experience, but my teacher from Thai Explorer was always so encouraging and patient in helping me improve. With their customisable lesson plans, I could learn at my own pace while still making significant progress in a short time. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an effective and fun way to learn the beautiful language of Thailand.


Get Our Trial Thai Class

We proudly offer a trial class for our comprehensive Thai courses at Thai Explorer. This trial session allows potential learners to experience our unique Thai language teaching approach. We integrate immersive techniques, interactive learning materials, and native Thai speakers as instructors to ensure authenticity in language acquisition.

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    FAQs on Learning the Thai Languages

    Where can I learn Thai in Singapore?

    To learn Thai in Singapore, explore various options such as language schools, community centres, and online classes. For basic conversational Thai or a comprehensive and engaging Thai course tailored to your needs, check out Thai Explorer’s offerings at Thai Explorer. Our Thai language courses cover essential language skills and cultural insights, providing an enriching learning experience.

    From online Thai lessons to attending group classes in a language school, you will enjoy the learning process of speaking Thai and mastering the Thai alphabet with the help of our native teachers.

    How long does it take to become proficient in Thai?

    Achieving basic conversational skills in Thai typically takes around 1-3 months, depending on the student’s dedication. For a fuller proficiency, mastering your vocabulary, reading, and writing may extend to a year. Consistent practice and dedication are crucial factors influencing the learning pace.

    Are there Thai language proficiency tests available in Singapore?

    Yes, in Singapore, our Thai language course at Thai Explorer aims to enhance speaking and listening skills and also focuses on recognizing the Thai script for reading and writing. While we do not specifically prepare for the CU-TFL (Chulalongkorn University Proficiency Test of Thai as a Foreign Language) exam, our comprehensive approach aligns with the skills evaluated in this standardized test. In addition to CU-TFL, other known proficiency tests available in Singapore include the Thai Language Proficiency Test (ACTFL) and the Thai Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). These assessments cater to various levels of proficiency and are recognized internationally.

    Can I learn Thai by self-study?

    While self-study is an option, guided learning at Thai Explorer offers distinct advantages. Our courses, led by native Thai teachers, provide structured lessons and study materials, ensuring a systematic learning process. Interact in a supportive environment, receive immediate feedback, and benefit from real-life basic conversational Thai practice. Our carefully crafted Thai course curriculum covers cultural insights, practical conversation, and essential language skills, creating a well-rounded learning experience. Additionally, our courses offer flexibility, allowing you to choose between group or private classes, in-person or online classes, to suit your learning preferences, even if you are at a beginner level.

    Is it necessary to learn the Thai script to speak Thai?

    Learning the Thai script is not strictly necessary to speak Thai, but it significantly enhances your understanding and proficiency. The script, an integral part of the language, provides insight into pronunciation nuances and aids in correct communication.

    At Thai Explorer, our course incorporates script learning to deepen your language skills. Understanding the script improves your reading and writing abilities and fosters a more profound connection with Thai culture and language structure, leading to a more comprehensive and immersive learning experience.

    Are there any cultural courses combined with Thai language learning?

    Various courses combining Thai language learning with cultural elements are available. These courses offer a holistic approach, providing insights into Thai traditions, customs, and societal norms. Our course integrates cultural elements to enhance your understanding of the language. You’ll learn practical language skills and gain valuable cultural knowledge, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.

    Are there Thai-speaking communities in Singapore where I can practice?

    Yes, Singapore has thriving Thai-speaking communities and meetups where you can practice. Look out for events organized by groups like “Thai Language and Culture Meetup” on social media platforms. In addition to structured lessons, Thai Explorer facilitates community engagement opportunities and conversation practice to enhance your learning experience. These sessions allow interaction with native speakers and fellow learners in a supportive environment.