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Our Thai Online Course in Singapore offers a comprehensive, immersive learning experience that makes mastering the Thai language more convenient and engaging. With easy access to material anytime, anywhere, learners can pace their studies to suit their schedule. The course emphasis real-world communication, equipping students with practical language skills they can use in everyday situations. Moreover, interactive modules and culturally-rich content provide a deeper understanding of Thai society and customs, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Our Online Thai language students can also connect with native speakers of the language, allowing learners to get real-time feedback and practise their conversational skills. With this comprehensive Thai course, participants can develop their linguistic fluency and gain confidence in the Thai language.

In addition to the Online Thai course via Zoom, we offer a variety of supplemental resources that help learners deepen their understanding of the language.

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Exclusive Benefits of Our Program

  • Experience the convenience of learning Online Thai language, customised to your schedule and location. No need to travel to a physical school. Our Online Thai Lessons are conducted via Zoom Live Video Class Mode, offering interactive and engaging learning experiences.

  • The Thai course syllabus of the accredited course is certified by Chulalongkorn University, ensuring a high-quality curriculum that meets rigorous standards.

  • Highly qualified Thai teachers, certified and native speakers, with bachelor’s degrees.

  • Utilising effective Thai learning tools, such as fully recorded class videos and online support, has demonstrated significant improvement in student outcomes when they review these materials both before and after class.

  • Get unlimited access to our 24/7 dynamic Thai language learning tool, featuring a comprehensive course book, interactive e-workbook, recorded class videos, and continuous online support.

What makes our Online Thai Language Course different?

  1. Accredited curriculum and syllabus by top Thailand Universities like Chulalongkorn University & aligned with CU-TFL
  2. Certified Thai Language Teachers who have relevant teaching experience and work background in teaching Thai as a foreign language.
  3. Our Bilingual Teachers are graduates in Bachelor or Master’s, and certified by Universities in Thailand to teach Thai language.
  4. Learning Thai tools such as Audio files and Video class recordings are effective in producing better results when students are able to review them before/after class.
  5. Twice the learning support – course book and audio files will be made available to students so they can have more practice.
  6. Dynamic learning tools which are available 24/7, including Thai course book & , audio files and in-house recorded class videos.
  7. Communicative teaching approach supports students in achieving a high passing rate for the CU-TFL Test (The Chulalongkorn University Proficiency Test of Thai as a Foreign Language)
  8. Our Group Class offers a well-paced class schedule with accessible support to our teachers via WhatsApp and emails.
  9. Our Private Class allows for great flexibility in scheduling so students can choose their own date, time and venue for the class without missing any lesson.
  10. The Thai Beginner courses are eligible for SkillsFuture Credits $550 and NTUC UTAP Funding up to $250


Thai Course Schedule – Group Classes

Online Conversational Thai Beginner One Course 10 sessions 2hrs each from City Campus 137 Cecil Street

Batch IDBeginner Level 1Start DateEnd DateFrequencyPhysical FeeOnline Fee
TB1-0206-Sun*Beginner One
10 sessions 2hrs each
02 Jun04 AugEvery Sun 3.30-5.30pm$550$550
TB1-1306-AMBeginner One
10 sessions 2hrs each
13 Jun16 JulEvery Tue & Thu
TB1-1906-EveBeginner One
10 sessions 2hrs each
19 Jun21 AugEvery Wed 7pm-9pm$550$550
TB1-2306-SunBeginner One
10 sessions 2hrs each
23 Jun22 SepEvery Sun 1pm-3pm$550$550
TB1-1007-AMBeginner One
10 sessions 2hrs each
10 Jul12 AugEvery Mon & Wed
TB1-1807-EveBeginner One
10 sessions 2hrs each
18 Jul19 SepEvery Thu 7pm-9pm$550$550
TB1-2107-SunBeginner One
10 sessions 2hrs each
21 Jul22 SepEvery Sun 10am-12pm$550$550

Online Conversational Thai Beginner One Course 10 sessions 2hrs each from Jurong Campus 135 Jurong Gateway Rd

Batch IDBeginner Level 1Start DateEnd DateFrequencyPhysical FeeOnline Fee
JTB1-0206-Sun*Beginner One
10 sessions 2hrs each
02 Jun04 AugEvery Sun 3.00-5.00pm$550$550
JTB1-2906-SatBeginner One
10 sessions 2hrs each
29 Jun31 AugEvery Sat 1pm-3pm$550$550

Online Conversational Thai Beginner Two Course 10 sessions 2hrs each from City Campus 137 Cecil Street

Batch IDBeginner Level 2Start DateEnd DateFrequencyPhysical /
Online Fee
City Campus 137 Cecil Street
TB2-0206 Sun*Beginner Two
10 sessions 2hrs each
02 Jun04 AugEvery Sun 1pm-3pm$550Phat
TB2-1506 SatBeginner Two
10 sessions 2hrs each
15 Jun17 AugEvery Sat
TB2-2006 EveBeginner Two
10 sessions 2hrs each
20 Jun22 AugEvery Thu 7pm-9pm$550Bussakorn
TB2-2706 AMBeginner Two
10 sessions 2hrs each
27 Jun30 JulEvery Tue & Thu
Jurong Campus135 Jurong Gateway Rd
JETB2-1506 SatBeginner Two
10 sessions 2hrs each
15 Jun17 AugEvery Sat 5.30-7.30pm$550Phat

Course materials fee of $50 includes Course book, Audio Files + recorded class videos & Online support.

  • Per Student One-time registration fee $50 ~ Waived for current month sign up
  • Our City Campus is located at 137 Cecil street Level 07-04 Singapore 069537
  • Small Group Class size with good quality learning teacher ratio*
  • Thai Class Students can choose their own class schedule from above.
  • Steps to apply and claim SkillsFuture Credits
    • Our school will email the student to complete the registration form
    • After that we will send you the SF course invoice and funding application guide to apply SF credits
    • Once approved, student will top up the balance fee to start class


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    Our Online Thai Course Offerings

    Thai Explorer offers a comprehensive range of online Thai language courses catering to learners of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Our courses are designed to provide an enriching experience that goes beyond mere language acquisition, delving into the intricacies of Thai culture, customs, and traditions.

    Our certified Thai teachers conduct interactive classes, ensuring an engaging learning experience for students. Whether you’re new to the language or looking to enhance your Thai language skills, our courses are tailored to meet your needs and goals.

    Beginners can join our introductory courses to lay a solid foundation in the Thai language, covering essential vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. Our native Thai teachers use fun and interactive teaching methods to help students learn quickly and confidently.

    For those looking to improve their conversational Thai skills, we offer specialized courses focused on speaking and understanding the language in real-life situations. Through role-playing exercises, group discussions, and practical examples, students develop language fluency to engage with Thai people and navigate daily interactions effortlessly.

    Our curriculum also includes courses on Thai writing and reading, teaching students the Thai alphabet and how to write and read Thai script. Students gain written and spoken Thai proficiency with regular practice and guidance from our experienced teachers.

    Whether you’re based in Bangkok or Singapore, our online classes provide access to high-quality instruction from anywhere worldwide. Join our diverse community of learners and embark on a journey to discover the beauty of the Thai language and culture.

    At Thai Explorer, we believe learning a new language should be a fun and rewarding experience. Our courses incorporate various teaching materials, activities, and homework assignments to keep students motivated and engaged throughout their learning journey.

    ACRA registered name and number with SSG in 2016 | Learning Explorer Language Centre Pte Ltd UEN 201619499C | Supported course fees of $550 for each course of 10 sessions

    Course Title and TGS Ref No:  
    Course ID: TGS-2023036986 | Conversational Thai Beginner 1 Course
    Course ID: TGS-2023036987 | Conversational Thai Beginner 2 Course

    Thai Online Course FAQs

    The Online Conversational Thai Beginner Course, consisting of 10 sessions, each lasting 2 hours, typically takes around 20 hours to complete. This duration provides students with a foundational understanding of basic conversational skills in Thai. However, achieving proficiency and mastery in vocabulary, reading, and writing may take longer, extending up to a year with consistent practice and dedication.

    At Thai Explorer, you can learn at your own pace under the guidance of native Thai teachers. Our courses offer structured lessons and study materials, ensuring a systematic approach to learning Thai. Whether you prefer to study independently or with guidance, our curriculum provides the necessary tools for effective language acquisition.

    Engaging in our courses provides a supportive environment conducive to interactive learning. You’ll receive immediate feedback from experienced instructors, facilitating your progress in basic conversational Thai. Through real-life practice scenarios, you’ll gain practical language skills that can be applied in various situations.

    Additionally, we offer flexibility to suit your preferences and schedule. You can choose between group or private classes and in-person or online sessions catering to your individual learning style and needs. Whether you’re just starting or looking to improve your proficiency, Thai Explorer provides the resources and support necessary for your language journey.

    Yes, we offer a trial class for Conversational Thai Beginners. It’s a 2-hour session priced at $55, available in physical and online formats. This trial allows you to experience our teaching style, interact with native Thai instructors, and determine if our course meets your needs before committing further.

    In our group courses, we maintain small class sizes to ensure a high-quality learning experience with an optimal teacher-to-student ratio. Our small group classes typically have around 4 to 6 students per session. This intimate setting allows for personalized attention from our experienced instructors, fostering interactive learning and effective skill development in Thai language acquisition.

    Yes, our Skillsfuture courses often provide certification upon completion, indicating your proficiency in the Thai language. These certificates can be valuable for showcasing your language skills to potential employers or for personal achievement. Please check the details of the Thai language course you’re interested in to confirm the certification offered upon successful completion.

    Thai Explorer Testimonials


    Success Stories

    "I’m almost completing my Thai language course with Kru Jern, our cheery Thai teacher, with The Explorer and I couldn't be happier with the experience. Her engaging teaching style, patience, and clear explanations made learning Thai a joy. I had a lot of fun and laughter in class. With her support, I've made great progress and now feel more confident speaking Thai. Di mak ka! I would consider continuing my next level with her and the school. Bonus to that, the school also allows Skillfutures credits to support my fun learning journey."

    Nicole Lim

    "When I first started the class. I did not know much about the Thai language or the culture. Koon Jern(kroo Jern) the teacher taught me a lot. She is patient and willing to help us with our Thai pronunciation. The class is fun and interesting. I do learn a lot."

    Jefni Mohamed

    "It is a great institute for learning a new language. I took up basic Thai, and the teacher Jern assigned to the class made learning fun. Even though I chose to do Zoom class instead of going to the school physically to attend the class, I found that it did not compromise my Thai language learning journey as our teacher jern will constantly check on our understanding and will also assign individuals for role play. She will also share commonly used phrases during the conversation that are out of the syllabus. Helpful and Highly recommended"

    Sheila Ou

    "My experience with Teacher Bussakorn has been nothing short of fantastic and awesome-ness. Her expertise in teaching the Thai language is truly commendable. She is highly knowledgeable, and her style is engaging and effective when we practice conversing in Thai. I wish to continue my next semester with her."

    Jinn Tyng

    "Today marks the end of 10 lessons (20 hours) of Thai Language Beginner 1 with Bussakorn. Arjan (Teacher), like her, makes learning the Thai language an easy language to learn. Her patience in explaining and the art of teaching beautifies the learning process. For that, I have just signed up for Beginner 2 and look forward to another 10 lessons of embracing this language."

    Vincent Wong

    "Kru Busakorn was an amazing teacher despite the fact that I had zero knowledge about the Thai language before the class except for some words that were often heard when traveling to BKK, she continued to teach us patiently and explained clearly allowing us to understand the meaning as well as the right pronunciation to the words. I learned many new words that can be used for my upcoming BKK trip!"

    Lydia Ng

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    137 Cecil Street #07-01 Cecil Building,
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    Call Us

    Landline: +65 6528 7918
    WhatsApp Only: +65 9725 8311



    Ready to Start Learning Thai?

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    137 Cecil Street #07-01 Cecil Building,
    Singapore 069537

    Call Us

    Landline: +65 6528 7918
    WhatsApp Only: +65 9725 8311

    Ask us anything!

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